สล็อต:Breed Council Web Site Guidelines

The following guidelines were approved in February 2002, and have been periodically amended by the CFA Board - following these guidelines is a requirement in order to have a link from the CFA breed council page to a breed council web site. NOTE: CFA will register and pay for a domain name for a breed council. Registration will include 20MB of storage space for a web site at doteasy.com. To request a domain name, email domains@ ufabet มือถือ,เว็บพนันบอล ดีที่สุด www.jsemp.com

1. Site location - The breed council web site may not be a part of a personal cattery web site. 

2. Breeder listings - A breed council web site may not contain a breeder listing. 

3. Breed Council membership buttons - The breed council site shall provide only CFA Board approved logo buttons to be used as links to the breed council sites.

4. Pedigrees - Breed Council web sites may contain a pedigree for cats that have achieved the status of DM. The pedigree can be no more than 2 generations (DM cat, plus parents and grandparents.) Each page displaying the actual pedigree must contain a statement that reads "The accuracy of the pedigree information provided herein cannot be guaranteed. Certified pedigrees may be purchased from The Cat Fanciers' Association." The page displaying the pedigree must also contain an active link to order pedigrees at http://catalog.cfa.org/pedigrees.shtml#pedigree

5. Duplication of information - Information on the CFA web site may not be duplicated on a breed council site. 

6. Breed rescue - Breed rescue links shall be to breed specific rescue groups only.

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