แทงบอลฟรีFun88:Pedigreed Cats Face Extinction

The distinctive and valued cats you see here today could become extinct unless the repressive laws currently being proposed in many communities are stopped.

These laws are often initiated by well-meaning but misguided individuals and groups who are influenced by the intolerant attitudes of animal rights extremists.

Restrictive breeding ordinances, possession limits, burdensome cat licensing and breeder permit laws, as well as restraints on the display/exhibition of animals, have been presented as a means to reduce the number of animals being killed by shelters or to alleviate animal suffering.

Homeless cats seen throughout our communities and in shelters are not the offspring of planned breeding programs. They are the result of careless or unknowing people who allow their free roaming cats to indiscriminately reproduce. They are caused by random mating among feral/free-roaming cats with no owners to comply with laws.

Misdirected, costly and ineffective, these laws are punitive toward people who selectively breed to preserve the desirable personality and appearance traits of pedigreed cats.

To protect the future of pedigreed cats, contact your city, county and state legislators and/or public officials. Challenge the motives behind coercive cat and dog breeding legislation. Be aware of the serious consequences on the positive activities of responsible people if restrictive laws are enacted. Respect the value of all cats, both pedigreed and random bred.

The Cat Fanciers' Association, its member clubs and pedigreed cat breeders are working to raise the status of all cats. Educational programs, assistance to humane shelters, support of feline health studies, public service announcements and other positive activities benefit both pedigreed and random bred cats.

We support alternatives to coercive legislation. Join with cat fanciers in promoting community programs to manage feral cats and to provide low cost neuter/spay, to educate the public on the nature of cats, to increase adoption rates and require sterilization of cats by shelters prior to adoption.

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